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SNA of Ohio promotes affliation with local chapters.  The state is structured in 8 regions with chapters throughout.  Active chapters are listed below.  Click here to view the Ohio region map.

Chapters provide members with local opportunities for approved training, meetings, networking opportunities, and fundraising for registration to OSNA events and local scholarships.  Chapter leaders serve on the Executive Board. They also serve on committees for membership, education, events and public policy legislation.

 2018-19 Chapter Presidents

Chapter Number Region First Name Last Name Email
22 North Central Jackie Hess [email protected]
48 North Central Jeannie Jeffers [email protected]
74 North Central Trudy Margraf [email protected]
4 Northeast Ginni Vaccaro [email protected]
43 Northeast Jennifer Hirsch [email protected] 
76 Northeast Jill  Lauter [email protected] 
78 Northeast Joyce Dicks [email protected]
2 Northwest Nicole Rasmussen [email protected] 
6 Southwest Rachel Tilford [email protected]
31 Southwest Tina Reynolds [email protected]
57 West Central Linda Leonard [email protected]

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